Moving home

Thank you for visiting my blog.

This is my penultimate post because I am moving my portfolio to a new site that is more suited to displaying my work.

The site will be up soon.  I will add a link in a single post shortly.



INKTOBER Half way there

I underestimated how difficult it would be to find time to complete a finished ink drawing every day, but it's going really well.

Keep an eye out for prints, which go on sale at the end of the month.

I have posted my favourite Inkktober pieces in my portfolio here https://mattbryan.carbonmade.com/



So Inktober is finally here!  All month I will be creating inky loveliness and selling my creations for a mere five pounds each! With free postage!

To buy one you simply need to tell me which one via email at mattbryanart@gmail.com 

First come, first served.  PayPal is preferred. 

You can get a discount of up to £2 off each piece by sharing*/commenting on** my Inktober tagged posts, remember to tag me too. You can use any of my social media pages to do so.  

My inky pieces will go on sale for £5.00 the day they are completed. Free postage to UK and Europe. 

*Share one of my Inktober art posts = £1 discount.

**Mention three or more people in a comment on one of my art posts (please tag me, too) = an additional £1 discount. 

Thank you for your support.  



Superman drawing for a special young man who had his birthday yesterday.  A little surprise I sketched at the party.


100 vehicles in one picture

100 vehicles and five favourites from the vote.  I say five, the first four were collective favourites, five is a personal favourite.



I took on Jake Parker's challenge of designing 100 somethings.  Here are the first 25 designs from my subject of hover vehicles.

I plan to take five forward to full concepts so I am looking for feedback via here, facebook and twitter.  Just write your favourite in the comments, thank you.


All 100 hover vehicle designs!

All 100 vehicles and five favourites chosen from a vote.  I say five, four are favourites, the fifth is a personal favourite.


I am Charlie Hebdo

@sketch_dailies will be holding a special themed event tomorrow to remember those who died today.  Please join in or at least take a look at some of the creations.


Thank you

Thank you to everyone that has followed and supported me.  I wish you all the very best for the coming year.