Beauiful training lady

Hi all,
Jumped back on the drawing/painting saddle in the last few days, it's been too long.

Materials: Pen and paper (original sketch about 2 inches high.) Scanned at ludicrously high resolution and then made a new line drawing in Photoshop and painted using large brushes with base layers adjusted by dodge and burn.

This image was inspired by a very small figure drawing I sketched whilst in training in my last job (Drawing in training wasn't the reason I left btw). The Trainer was wearing similar colours and was really expressive in her movements. I captured her as best I could and I have used artistic licence with the pose and her height but she was quite fascinating. Enjoy.


Trognoth DNA

At the time this screen was waken the Dwarf Hunter's pet stood in such a position ot suggest he had become half Dwarf half Beast. Most amusing... for me anyway : )



An image from WoW depicting the ludicrous amount of time one must spend to increase Fishing skill. Again, not one of my sketches but an in joke for my fellow players.


King Ymiron

This is a screenshot from World of Warcraft depicting a celebration of sorts, as we had just defeated King Ymiron. Certainly not one of my sketches : )