Sneaky monster - pencil and watercolour

Here's the finished article.  He's now looking a little scary and sneaky but I still think he's mint.  

The previous images are the works in progress.  Feedback is welcome.  Thanks for looking at my work.


Spidey WIP

Here's 2 Spidey pics.  It's a work in progress and I can already see where I want to change little details just to tighten it up.  One of my favourite characters and I've really enjoyed drawing him in my own style.  The first pic is the latest version and a proper scan whereas the previous one was a photo from my iPhone.

Spidey running through the air


Batman extension

I was looking at the original Batman image I sketched and realised it was missing some context so I decided to include one of h classic enemies in the picture and add some text.  I think it works much better.


Rough Rogue finished

Now I have a good idea of where the light source is and where I need to tweak the drawing I am starting the final version.  This version is on 80 g/sm and has a few corrections but it's available for sale for £7.50.  Please email if you're interested.


Refined Bats (Batman)

I've tidied up and inked two of the sketches.  The scan has worked better this time.  I think I prefer cheesy grin Batman.

Why so serious?

Holy Cheesy grin Batman


Funny Batman sketch 1 of 3

I had a few spare minutes today and felt inspired to draw Batman.  The three images were drawn in just a few minutes but only one of them is posted here.  Go to www.facebook.com/mattbryanart to see more.

  The quickest way of updating the blog is to use my phone to photograph the images but it results in some unflattering gradients across the image.  Better quality scans of any images I upload like this will be uploaded a few days later.

Thanks for taking a look.

Cheesy Grin Batman

Rogue - further work in progress

Further work in progress on the Rogue image.  She's really coming together now.  There's some areas that need a tweak for the final version but really happy with the progress so far.


Rogue WIP

I had planned to show some progress on the Rogue image but scanned image won't open.  It will have to wait till tomorrow. : (


Facebook and Twitter integration

Good morning (At least it is as I am typing) 
I have now added some facebook javascript wizardry and a little twitter button over on the side panel so it's much easier to keep up to date with information and new artwork.

The biggest issue with having a blog as opposed to a dedicated website is that I can't as yet keep certain posts at the top though I am working on it.

The only real way to convey which pieces of my art are for sale is to direct you to my profile on http://comicartcommissions.com/Bryan.html but I haven't added any pieces there yet because I have to add some paypal wizardry and all this admin stuff gets in the way of why I'm really doing this and that's to share my work. 

If you are interested in buying a piece or commissioning me then please do get in touch.  

Standard prices can be viewed via the right hand side bar.

Thank you for visiting and for reading.


Rogue X-men work in progress

I have now joined a website called www.comicartcommissions.com in the hope of selling some work or even being commissioned I felt I should draw some traditional Super Hero's in my own style.

I thought I would start with women because they're my favourite and seem to get a little more attention from those that visit this blog and see my drawings in person.  This is based on an older drawing with but the original pose wasn't quite right.  A sullen Rogue seemed to fit with my feelings about the character so here's the concept.