A pencil/watercolour that blossomed from a simple S shape on the paper. I had drawn a little boy running earlier in the day but had no idea what he was running from. Once I had the monster it was just a case of pairing them up. I have no idea why there's an orange snake/worm with them. Digital prints available soon with a few minor changes to bring out some of the colour that was lost in the scanning process.


This started as a simple doodle of a monster. I had the basic shape and colour in mind before starting but the dentist idea came later. Pencil and watercolour on acid free 300gsm paper. Mounted on textured snow white, acid free mount board. £25 for the original. Digital prints available soon.


Make a start

I have always avoided posting anything that gives an insight into my life because I'm quite private but I've been inspired to provide a bit of info by Jeffrey J Miller http://runningforrestitution.blogspot.com

I am married with children and work full time so I have very little time to do anything for myself. A few months ago I decided that if I'm going to fulfil my dream of working as a freelance artist I need to change that.

My baby boy wakes at least once every night but I decided that no matter how many times he gets up, I wake at 4:45am to draw. I don't run marathon's or face terrific hardship each day but trying to find creative energy when I'm stifling my yawns and my eyes are stinging is a mental battle.

Jeffrey Miller said that among other things he just focuses on starting. We should all do the same in pursuit of our dreams. Make a start...


Little monster at the dentist

Finished. For sale from Monday. £40 mounted. Prints will soon be available at a lower price.



This is the orange monster's brother.  I got a little too obsessed with making things perfect on this one and lost the loose feel.  A worthy addition though and every mistake made is one step closer to my goal.


I'm sorry - colour

My amazing brother gave me an iPad 2. I heard amazing things about Procreate and it has not disappointed. This took about 40 minutes but that's after about 1 hour and 30 mins using the app. One of the most intuitive paint program's I've ever used and only £2.99!

I'm sorry

I don,t know what he's done wrong but how could you tell him off? A quick 3 minute sketch so I have something to post. I haven't had much time over the weekend to get anything more meaningful done.



Sad news - Al Rio has committed suicide

Al Rio is one of the most talented comic artists I've seen in all my time browsing the web for inspiration. He has an immediately noticeable style and his attention to detail and workmanship is almost unmatched. Unfortunately, for whatever reasons he recently committed suicide. If you've never heard of him and even if you have then please take a look at his work via this link Al rio's website. I think that sharing his work is perhaps the most fitting way of remembering a man that contributed so much to the comic industry.