Kick ass Cleric: An old favourite

Materials: Pencil, fine liner and coloured using cool grey Kurecolor markers

One of the few images I have where I have included the different stages. Every game I played that featured a cleric seemed to show the same old stereo types and I had the thought "What would a cool cleric who kicks ass look like?" On his back are two small hammers and he has his staff of course. The bottom right image is the quick visualisation version that lacked movement. I liked his clothing but the image felt flat and boring. With the top right version you see I added movement to the fabric and cleaned up the design. The largest image is the final version and was one of my first experiments with the Kurecolor markers. They are really expensive but when used on bleed proof paper their effect is fantastic. Definitely one of my real favourites and I hope you like it too. Enjoy.

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