A new beginning

For quite some time now I've hosted my artwork online but not made anywhere near as much effort as I should have to get it noticed. With this blog and www.conceptart.org this will change. My old website is still available to view at www.sketch.talktalk.net but due to family life I stopped updating it last year. My old site was a pain to update because the design I used required updating of at least 3 parts of the code for a single image. I've chosen a blog because I can update it from anywhere, quite easily and it's far easier to upload images.

This blog will host my favourite pieces and will be home to my latest updates. Some of which may appear in their rough form before being fleshed out as the days go by. I draw whenever I can get a few spare minutes and I find that sitting on the bus, whilst being a little too bumpy for anything other than pre-vis is a good place. I draw inspiration from the world around me and it may take the form of seeing someone in unusual or striking clothing, someone I think is beautiful or interesting either because of their physical appearance or their attitude, an unusual pose, tv, adverts, games, artwork on the web... The list is endless.

I hope you enjoy looking at my work and I look forward to your constructive comments and feelings on my pieces.

Thank you for reading
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