Facebook and Twitter integration

Good morning (At least it is as I am typing) 
I have now added some facebook javascript wizardry and a little twitter button over on the side panel so it's much easier to keep up to date with information and new artwork.

The biggest issue with having a blog as opposed to a dedicated website is that I can't as yet keep certain posts at the top though I am working on it.

The only real way to convey which pieces of my art are for sale is to direct you to my profile on http://comicartcommissions.com/Bryan.html but I haven't added any pieces there yet because I have to add some paypal wizardry and all this admin stuff gets in the way of why I'm really doing this and that's to share my work. 

If you are interested in buying a piece or commissioning me then please do get in touch.  

Standard prices can be viewed via the right hand side bar.

Thank you for visiting and for reading.

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