Make a start

I have always avoided posting anything that gives an insight into my life because I'm quite private but I've been inspired to provide a bit of info by Jeffrey J Miller http://runningforrestitution.blogspot.com

I am married with children and work full time so I have very little time to do anything for myself. A few months ago I decided that if I'm going to fulfil my dream of working as a freelance artist I need to change that.

My baby boy wakes at least once every night but I decided that no matter how many times he gets up, I wake at 4:45am to draw. I don't run marathon's or face terrific hardship each day but trying to find creative energy when I'm stifling my yawns and my eyes are stinging is a mental battle.

Jeffrey Miller said that among other things he just focuses on starting. We should all do the same in pursuit of our dreams. Make a start...

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